K-Tool International (KTI71990A)

Tire Inflation Position Sensor Tool
Mfg: K-Tool International
Part No: 71990A
Item Number: KTI71990A
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Features and Benefits:

  • The PST is the only patented universal triggering tool you need for testing and resetting the TPM system
  • The PST eliminates the need for multiple tools to service various makes and models of vehicles
  • TPMS Quick Reference Guide on CD-ROM is a comprehensive listing of today's TPM systems, reset procedures and sensor learn procedures through the 2010 model year
  • The guide includes a quick reference table designed to provide a single point of reference for determining when TPM systems require resetting as well as sensor nut torque requirements

The laminated TPMS Quick Spec Flip Chart is designed for the shop environment, and provides a quick but comprehensive snapshot of today's TPM systems.