K-Tool International (KTI0833)

Pullers Display
Pullers Display
Mfg: K-Tool International
Part No: 0833
Item Number: KTI0833
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $472.19
Price: $332.02
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Features and Benefits
  • Variety of Pullers - two and three jaw pullers, Pitman, Steering wheel, and bearing separators
  • Most popluar
  • Well merchandised
Pullers Display Board featuring 11 different Pullers including 1 each of the following:

KTI70311 4" two jaw adjustable puller
KTI70312 6" teo jaw reversible puller
KTI70313 7" two jaw adjustable puller
KTI70321 4" three jaw adjustable puller
KTI70322 7" 2-3 jaw reversible puller
KTI70323 8" 2-3 jaw adjustable puller
KTI70330 steering wheel puller - USA
KTI70344 harmonic balancer puller - USA
KTI70365 pitman arm puller - USA
KTI70381 bearing separator 0"- 2-1/4"
KTI70382 bearing separator 0"- 4-1/4"