K & E Tools (KET1150)

3/8" Drive High Speed Reaction-Free Mini Air Ratchet
Mfg: K & E Tools
Part No: 1150
Item Number: KET1150
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MSRP: $252.06
Price: $151.77
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Features and Benefits:

  • Fastest air ratchet available 500 rpm
  • Most powerful mini air ratchet with 50 ft.lbs max torque
  • Safe and ergonomic reaction-free impact mechanism
  • Mini size gives improved access to work area
  • Rubber grip provides increased user comfort

The new K and E Tools Turbopact mini Reaction-free air ratchet offers the best features of any mini air ratchet! Reaction-free Impact Mechanism means:
               NO MORE twisted wrists!
               NO MORE smashed knuckles!
               NO MORE damage to nearby parts!

Serious tool users may never use an ordinary air ratchet again!