JohnDow (JD I16DC)

16 Gallon Oil Drain
16 Gallon Portable Oil Drain
Mfg: JohnDow
Part No: I16DC
Item Number: JD I16DC
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $455.54
Price: $369.99
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Features and Benefits

  • Large 16" polypropylene receiver funnel makes it easier to position the funnel under the car, keeping oil in the drain and not on the floor. Durable, lightweight construction won't bend and dent like metal funnels.
  • Positive height adjusts from 50" to 70"
  • Built-in fluid level sight glass
  • Includes gravity drain valve
  • Leakproof drum lid keeps oil in the drum when full.
  • Lift/lock drain tube: Simply elevate the drain tube by extending it to the desired height. The lift/lock keeps the tube securely in place.