JohnDow (DOWDEF1A)

DEF (Diesel Emission Fluid) 55 Gallon Drum Dispensing System
Mfg: JohnDow
Part No: DEF-1A
Item Number: DOWDEF1A
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MSRP: $3,129.99
Price: $1,610.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • The Fuel Chief System is one of the industry's first "all inclusive" service systems for refilling a vehicle's onboard Urea system tank
  • Up to 6 G.P.M.
  • Maximum head 12' Pumping DEF @ 5.7psi
  • 40" suction tube
  • 120 Volts, 60 Hz, 2 full load amps

The Fuel Chief line has been specifically designed for the convenient and safe service of the new SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) systems that require filling during normal service operations.

The Fuel Chief Systems were the first in the industry to receive any domestic vehicle OE approval, and in many circles are considered the leader in Urea dispensing today!