Jet Tools (JET414476)

JET J-7060 12 X 20 Semi-Auto Horizontal Bandsaw, 3 HP
Mfg: Jet Tools
Part No: 414476
Item Number: JET414476
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Features and Benefits:

  • Variable speed drive system allows the operator to fine tune the blade speed fast and easily
  • Exclusive swivel control panel
  • Heavy duty transmission utilizes hardened and ground gears operating in an oil bath
  • Counterbalanced feed system is controlled by a dual system of counterbalance springs working with a hydraulic cylinder
  • Saw head raised hydraulically after each cut

Exclusive 6 contact point blade adjustable guide assembles utilize cam follower bearings mounted on eccentric shafts on both sides of the blade. Exclusively patented 3 jaw vise allows for faster set up.