Irwin / Hanson / Vise Grip (IRW3094001)

5 Piece Bolt-Grip Deep Well Bolt Extractor Set
5 Piece Bolt-Grip Deep Well Bolt Extractor Set
Mfg: Irwin / Hanson / Vise Grip
Part No: 3094001
Item Number: IRW3094001
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $57.12
Price: $35.05
Features and Benefits
  • When you are faced with a rounded-off, rusted-tight or painted-over bolt, bolt extractors will break it free
  • Reverse spiral flutes are designed to bite down to provide maximum gripping power
  • High carbon steel ensures longer life and greater durability
  • Universal lobular design fits all types of fasteners
  • Set includes plastic case
Fasteners vary widely in composition and hardness. That's why IRWIN has many different products for removing damaged fasteners and parts. Each extraction tool is specifically designed to take into account the material involved and make removal easier.