Irwin / Hanson / Vise Grip (VGP10502CB)

Cobalt Unibit
3 Pc. Unibit Step Drill Set
Mfg: Irwin / Hanson / Vise Grip
Part No: 10502CB
Item Number: VGP10502CB
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MSRP: $172.49
Price: $88.18
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Features and Benefits

IRWIN® UNIBIT® step drill bits are ideal for drilling holes in just about any type of thin material. Our Cobalt step drill bits are engineered with M35 Cobalt steel for maximum life when drilling in the toughest steel, including stainless steel. Most UNIBIT step drills are designed with a SpeedPoint® tip that guarantees fast starts. They’re manufactured with a single-flute cutting edge that drills multiple sizes of true, round holes with precise step control. Plus, the hole sizes are permanently laser-etched on the inside of the flute, so they can be easily identified throughout the life of the bit.

  • Engineered with M35 Cobalt steel for maximum life when drilling in tough steel.
  • SpeedPoint® tip for fast starts.
  • Radial concave flute.
  • Geometry of single-flute cutting edge drills true, round holes and provides maximum step control.
  • Laser-etched sizes inside flute for easy and permanent hole size identification.
  • Hex-shaped shank secures easily in drill. #1 and #2 sizes have a quick-change shank.
  • Specifications:
    • Diameter Range: 3/16-1/2, 1/8-3/4
    • Material: High Speed Steel / Cobalt
    • Performance Rating: Heavy Duty
    • Point Design: Adjustable
    • Shank Design: Three Flatted
  • Includes:
    • VGP10231 (1/8" - 1/2" - 13 steps)
    • VGP10232 (3/16" - 1/2" - 6 steps)
    • VGP10233 (1/4" - 3/4" - 9 steps)