Innovative of America (IPA91001A)

Accessory Pack for Pocket MUTT Trailer Tester
Mfg: Innovative of America
Part No: 9100-1A
Item Number: IPA91001A
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $74.95
Price: $53.94

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra adapters and power options
  • Not a stand alone product: Requires #9100 Pocket MUTT

Extend the capability of your Pocket MUTT® Trailer Tester. This three piece kit includes a 3-Way Trailer Adapter and two power input adapters for use with the Pocket MUTT® Trailer Tester. The 3-Way Trailer Adapter converts the Pocket MUTT® from 7 spade pin to 4,5 and 6 pin trailer connector types. The 8’ Power Extension Cable connects in-line with the 10’ hard wire connection coming from the Pocket MUTT® to provide 18’ of total distance from the power source to the front of the trailer. The 7 Spade Pin (trailer socket) Power Adapter effectively places the Pocket MUTT® inline between the tow vehicle and trailer, utilizing the ground and 12V+ power pins from the tow vehicle’s 7 spade connector to power up the Pocket MUTT®. These accessories are not included with the purchase of the Pocket MUTT®.