Innovative of America (IPA8042)

Female Bullet Connector Cleaner Set
Mfg: Innovative of America
Part No: 8042
Item Number: IPA8042
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $60.69
Price: $33.20

Features and Benefits:

  • Cleans female round electrical pins
  • Removes corrosion and extends harness life
  • Common applications include automotive, military, plow and industrial connectors
  • The set includes 12 individual pieces ranging in sizes from 0.030” – 0.120”
  • Includes a leather-type holster with identifiers for replacements

IPA® introduces the first complete set of tools for cleaning round pin type electrical terminals commonly used in Cannon, Deutsch, bullet type and general electrical connections. Size ranges include: 0.030-0.040” (2) 0.040-0.50” (2), 0.050-0.60”, 0.060-0.070”, 0.070”-0.080”, 0.080”-0.090, 0.090”-0.100”, 0.100”-0.110”, 0.110”-0.120”, and 0.120”-0.130. Each tool features a diamond abrasive coating for precise cleaning, sizing and durability. Commonly used in automotive, truck, industrial and military-type applications, the Female Bullet Connector Cleaner Set can also be used for general file type applications where small orifice cleaning is required. The set covers a total of 10 sizes with duplicate cleaners in the 0.030” and 0.040” range. Each file is marked or color coded for size.