Innovative of America (INN7899)

Gator Jaws Oil Filter Pliers
Gator Jaws Oil, Fuel and Hydraulic Filter Remover Pliers
Mfg: Innovative of America
Part No: 7899
Item Number: INN7899
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $94.42
Price: $50.34

Features and Benefits:

23" long Gator Jaw Oil Filter Pliers with 32 agressive teeth and specially designed jaw angle will grab ahold and loosen most oil filters. Long handles allow the user to reach oil filters located in inconvienient spaces with a tremendous amount of grip.

  • Removes stubborn and over-tightened filters
  • Oil, fuel, hydraulic filters, fuel sending units and more
  • Snakes around hot exhaust manifolds so you don’t burn your arm
  • 23" long and tremendous holding power
  • Jaws with 32 teeth adjust to 2 different settings for optimum grip
These pliers reach most hard-to-get filters. No more burns. If you have ever come across a filter that is over-tightened, you know how diffiicult the job can be to break it loose.  Gator Jaws™ with its powerful jaws and 32 teeth grabs hold and loosens the filter from a variety of angles without slipping. Lifetime warranty.