Innovative of America (INN7894)

Compression Gauge Flex Alert Whistle
Compression Whistle Alert with Flex Hose
Mfg: Innovative of America
Part No: 7894
Item Number: INN7894
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $17.50
Price: $12.06

Features and Benefits:

  • Insert the Flexible whistle alert into any spark plug hole and bump the engine until you hear the whistle blow. You are now on the Compression Stroke!
  • Easily finds top dead center on compression stroke - quick and easy to use
  • Rubber nipple adapts to any spark plug thread size
  • Flexible hose allows for reach in tight spaces.
  • Made and assembled in U.S.A.
No more burning fingers and hands. Just listen for the whistle to find the TDC Compression Stroke.