Innovative of America (IPA7877)

Long Piston Stop
Long Piston Stop
Mfg: Innovative of America
Part No: 7877
Item Number: IPA7877
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $76.26
Price: $40.20
Features and Benefits
  • Long Piston Stop is installed to prevent shop air from rotating crankshaft when removing valve stem seals
  • Insert the tool until it just touches the top of piston via spark plug hole with piston at bottom of stroke
  • Once installed, it holds the crank shaft in place so shop air can be applied to a piston that is at top dead center
  • For professional use only where shop air is available and only in applications with perpendicular plug to piston face angle
  • Made in the USA, Lifetime Warranty
IPA7877 Long Piston Stop can be used on all Hemi type engines when shop air is introduced into a combustion chamber for the purpose of valve seal replacement. It can be screwed down into the combustion chamber on an adjoining piston in the down balance position to the cylinder being worked on. Up to 100 lbs per square inch of shop compressed air can be applied into cylinder at top of stroke with valves closed.  This pressure holds the valves in place allowing the replacement of the valve stem seals without taking the engine apart. 

The following list of Toyota vehicles are some of many applications from different makes and models that this tool can be used on. 02-up CAMRY, 02-UP SOLARIS 98-UP, COROLLA, 03-UP MATRIX, 01-UP RAV 4, 00-05 ECHO, 01-UP PRIUS, 00-05 CELICA, 06-UP YARIS, 01-UP HIGHLANDER 05-UP SCION TC, 04-UP SCION XA, 04-up SCION XB