Ingersoll-Rand (IRTC2475N75FP)

Type 30 Fully Packaged (230-1-60V) 7.5 HP Air Compressor
Mfg: Ingersoll-Rand
Part No: C2475N75FP
Item Number: IRTC2475N75FP
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Features and Benefits:

Ingersoll-Rand, the world leader in air power, brings industrial-class, two-stage compressors to automotive applications. Featuring an all-cast-iron pump, with splash lubrication for efficient operation and easy serviceability, this new range delivers non-stop performance and reliability for commercial or automotive service applications. Type 30 compressors have been designed to generate maximum air output at 175 psi, with more than 10,000 hours durability. In addition to the features included on the standard package, the fully packaged models include: air cooled aftercoolers to help remove additional moisture, low oil protection switch to prevent the pump from running dry, and an electronic drain valve that automatically drains water from the compressor tank - all at a much greater value than purchasing and installing them separately.

  • 80 gallon vertical tank provides shop needed compressed air capacity in with a small footprint
  • 100% cast-iron cylinder head with deep groove directional cooling fins.
  • Cast iron two stage pump provides maximum air pressure and air volume for maximum shop performance
  • Cast iron pump esures long life operation exceeding 10,000 hours of operation
  • High-efficiency inlet air filter with sound attenuation baffles.
  • Integrated air coolers deliver dryer air which protects tools and other air operated equipment from moisture damage.
  • Low pump oil protection system ensures no damage as a result of low pump oil.
  • High-efficiency stainless steel valves.
  • Balanced pistons for maximized efficiency and minimized vibration.
  • Oversized industrial-grade bearings for extended pump life.
  • High efficiency intercooler.
  • Oversized cast-iron balanced belt wheel to allow continuous-duty operation.
  • Specifications:
    • Phase: Single Phase
    • Tank: 80 gal vertical
    • Max Pressure: 175 psi
    • Horsepower: 7.5 hp
    • ACFM: 24
    • CFM: 25
    • Voltage: 230V