Ingersoll-Rand (IRTBL072)

7.2v Li-Ion Battery
7.2v Li-Ion Battery
Mfg: Ingersoll-Rand
Part No: BL072
Item Number: IRTBL072
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MSRP: $134.49
Price: $89.99
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Features and Benefits
  • Battery Charge Level Gauge. Displays exactly how much charge is left in the battery anytime
  • More than 35% lighter than 18v NiCd or 28v and 36v Li Ion packs
  • At 2.4 Ahrs, up to 30% higher capacity than NiCd and most competitive Lithium Ion batteries
  • No Memory Effect or Fading power. Consistent performance for the life of the pack
  • IQv Grip features patent pending twist-to-lock connection that grips battery into tool, eliminating wear and tear common with competitive battery mounts
Patent pending IQv Grip twist-to-lock battery attachment design ensures snug battery- tool connection with little risk of battery dislodging. Intelligent batteries with active onboard diagnostics and protection ensure longer battery life and more power. Cutting edge cell technology and circuitry protection deliver best-in-class pack life.

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