Hutchins (HUT2023)

Hustler II Mini Straight Line Air Sander
Hustler II Mini-Straightline Air Sander with 2-3/4 x 8in. Pads
Mfg: Hutchins
Part No: 2023
Item Number: HUT2023
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $498.70
Price: $359.97
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Features and Benefits:

  • Same mechanical advantages as 2000-MOM, without Multi-Options
  • Newly designed motor specifically structured for mini-straightline strokes provides unexcelled power without battering the surface
  • 2-cylinder, twin-drive, with vertically engaged gears, ensures pure reciprocal strokes so smooth that coarse sanding, ultra-fine sanding, or blemish removal are a matter of adjusting the speed and choosing the right grit