Hickok G2 MaxxForce Cable Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • Works on new MaxxForce DT engines for increased vehicle coverage
  • Simplified hook-up connects through injector controller module
  • Works on hot or cold engine saves diagnostic time
  • Diagnostic Suite Application software
  • Complete fuel system diagnostics

An accessory cable to the G2 Diesel Injector Tester providing fuel injector testing on MaxxForce DT engines. Designed specifically for the integrated Powertrain Control and Injector Driver Module design on MaxxForce DT engines beginning in the 2007 model year. The real time graphic display on a PC provides fast visual conformation of the injectors performance. The data provided is vital for drivability diagnostics. Faulty Spool Valve Delay data is not available from any other tester on the market including original manufacturer scan tools.

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