Herkules (HERPM1)

Partsmobile Parts Mobile
Partsmobile Parts Mobile
Mfg: Herkules
Part No: PM1
Item Number: HERPM1
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $735.00
Price: $538.17
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    Equipped with five shelves, each with a 200-lbs. capacity.
    2-trays for small parts. 8-hooks and 3-pegs for panels (hanging or laying)
    8 hooks for hanging fenders, quarter panels, etc.
    3 pegs for balancing hoods and larger parts.
    Total weight capacity of 1000 lbs.
    Five-inch wheels rated at 250-lbs each. Two fixed and two swivel wheels for flexible mobility.
    Constructed of tubular steel and flat steel shelves.

    Organizes the parts coming off and going onto the vehicle.
    Saves time and trips to the parts counter.
    Brings the parts to your work area where you have easy access to them.
    Moves heavy doors and panels easily.
    Wheels out of your way easily.