Hedson (DRS1050LD)

Gun Cleaner for Water Borne Paint Systems
Mfg: Hedson
Part No: 1050LD
Item Number: DRS1050LD
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $2,179.99
Price: $1,533.99
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  • Water borne paints are considerably harder to remove from spray guns than conventional paints. Therefore the Drester 1050 has been supplied with a pre-wash brush and a rinse gun. The brush and the rinse gun are fed with recycled water. The 1050 includes an air blow gun for drying after cleaning and a quick connect whip line for blowing out the spraygun paint channel.
  • It can also be equipped with a Flush Gun, enabling use with other rinsing water/solvent as often provided by the paint manufacturers.
  • Thanks to the effective cleaning and water reuse facility water consumption is low and the environmental impact is reduced. Water recovery is achieved by adding a flocculating agent when the Drester 1050 is full of soiled water. The liquid is agitated automatically with air. After filtration the water can be reused or pumped out through the brush.
  • The Drester 1050 ensures simple and efficient filtration of wash water. The paint remains are captured in a pre-filter which can be reused.