H & S Auto Shot (HS 1080)

Uni-Clamp Multiple Welding Stud Puller
Multiple Stud Puller
Mfg: H & S Auto Shot
Part No: 1080
Item Number: HS 1080
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $146.25
Price: $99.97
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    Uni-Clamp allows you to pull 2 to 11 studs with body frame equipment or even a come-along. Make pulls you never thought possible! Uni-Spotter HS 1002 heavy-duty studs are recommended Spacing of studs is not important as studs are flexible and easily bent to fit close hole pattern Use included screw wrench to tighten each stud into Uni-Clamp Use narrow 5 hole side for tighter areas, use wide 11 hole side for larger pulls