GearWrench (KD 85299)

inSin GearWrench - 5 Piece Metric
5 Piece Metric S Shape Reversible GearWrench Set
Mfg: GearWrench
Part No: 85299
Item Number: KD 85299
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $304.99
Price: $122.21
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Features and Benefits:

  • Reversible levers on both ends to allow direction change from either side - no need to remove the wrench from the fastener to tighten or loosen
  • Eliminates the problem of reaching around obstructions - no need to go to a slower tool to get the job done
  • Two double reversing 5 degree ratcheting heads
  • Needs as little as 5 degrees to turn a fastener - a standard 12 point box end wrench needs 30 degrees or 6 times as much room
  • Sizes include: 10mm x 12mm; 11mm x 13mm; 14mm x 16mm; 15mm x 17mm; 19mm x 22mm