GearWrench (KDT84000)

7 pc Hook and Pick Set
7 Pc. Hook and Pick Set
Mfg: GearWrench
Part No: 84000
Item Number: KDT84000
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $58.10
Price: $32.57

Features and Benefits:

This GearWrench® mini hook and pick set provides solutions to a wide range of problems posed to technicians and other users. Each tool has a unique shape that provides leverage and allows for better access.

  • Tools have unique shapes that can leverage or pull parts, springs, cotter pins, etc.
  • Allows access over, around, and behind wiring, hoses, and other engine obstacles
  • Dual material cushion grip handles for added comfort and leverage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes:
    • 5" Cotter Pin Puller
    • 4" Hose Pick Puller
    • 4-1/2" Awl
    • 3-1/8" Mini Full Hook
    • 3-18" 90 Degree Mini Hook
    • 3-1/8" Straight Mini Hook
    • 3-1/8" Mini Offset Hook
    • Blow Molded Tray