Fowler (FOW72492350)

Tap-X Cam-Locking Tap Wrench
Mfg: Fowler
Part No: 72-492-350
Item Number: FOW72492350
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MSRP: $52.00
Price: $28.92

Features and Benefits:

  • Fits wide range of tap sizes: 1/8"-1/2" (M3-M12)
  • Patented Revolutionary Cam-Lock System
  • Quick-action clamping for easy replacement
  • Taps will never release during use
  • Handles extreme torque

Tap-X Cam-Locking Tap Wrench has 3 times the range of most tap wrenches, 1/8"-1/2" (3-12mm). Features quick release cam, fast and tight cam-locking action, change taps fast and can be use as ahand drill for sizes: 1/16" - 5/16".