Air Conditioning Starter Tool Set
Air Conditioning Starter Tool Set
Mfg: FJC
Part No: KIT4
Item Number: FJCKIT4
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $264.39
Price: $102.32
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Features and Benefits
  • Includes FJC6900 air vacuum pump
  • Includes FJC6030 brass dispensing valve for R-134a cans with 1/2" ACME fittings
  • Includes FJC2740 fin comb
  • Includes FJC6761 R-134a aluminum manifold gauge set with 72" hose and quick couplers
  • Includes 1-3/4" dial thermometer and 200 piece O-ring assortment
Air vacuum pump features 1.3 flow rate; 90 PSI air pressure is required; easy to use with a convenient carrying handle. Fin comb straightens bent fins on A/C condensers and radiators to increase air flow. Manifold gauge features aluminum block design with sight glass, anti-flutter design and additional access port. O-ring assortment includes green HNBR O-rings.

NOTE: The manifold is typcially aluminum on this model. However, the manufacturer is having aluminum supply issues and is using brass. We will update when we get more information.