Finesse Pinstriping (FINFS500)

Professional Paint Pinstriping Kit
Mfg: Finesse Pinstriping
Part No: FS-500
Item Number: FINFS500
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MSRP: $106.99
Price: $87.99
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    Six different 42 foot rolls of The Striper stencil tape (FIN-F-4, FIN-F-6, FIN-F-16, FIN-F-21, FIN-F-25) to match the most common pinstriping sizes. Five 4 oz. cans of Finesse Pinstriping Paint. The most popular colors out of our 21 (White, Imitation Gold, Red, Navy Blue, Black). They are high gloss enamel paints, which are intermixable for color matching. High quality camel hair pinstriping brush. Brush oil to keep brush soft and workable. Complete instructions, including how to make bends, points, corners and two-tone pinstriping. Size chart to help you match the size you need