Fibreglass Evercoat (FIB865)

SMC Fiberglass Resin, 1-Gallon
Mfg: Fibreglass Evercoat
Part No: 865
Item Number: FIB865
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Price: $152.99
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    Superior adhesion to all types of SMC and fiberglass. SMC resin is a polyester-based resin used for repair of SMC and fiberglass panels and parts. More effective on SMC than conventional fiberglass-type resins. Formulated to use with fiberglass mat, cloth and tape. Waterproof and impact resistant. Working time of 20-30 minutes. Cures to a sandable surface much faster than regular fiberglasss resin. White cream hardener included. NOTE: Correct catalyzation and thorough mixing are necessary. Read directions on can thoroughly.