Fibreglass Evercoat (FIB828)

Multi-Purpose Repair Panels, 12 X 12, 4-Pack
Multi-Purpose Repair Panels, 12 X 12, 4-Pack
Mfg: Fibreglass Evercoat
Part No: 828
Item Number: FIB828
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $84.88
Price: $51.57
    Superior Adhesion - Excellent adhesion to many
    difficult to bond substrates such as oily cold
    rolled steel, automotive E-Coat, primers, top
    coat surfaces, and plastic materials
    including polypropylene.
    Excellent Conformability- Thin lightweight
    material allows the multi-purpose panels to
    conform to many vertical, horizontal or inverted
    applications. There are a variety of uses such as
    door panels, trunks, roofs, ducting, wheel
    housings, dash boards, engine housings, body
    panels, and hoods.
    Temperature Resistant- Will maintain adhesion through all
    automotive bake cycles including 392 F (200
    C) over bake conditions. This allows for
    application at any stage of the repair cycle.
    Plastic Repair- Will speed up and simplify the two-sided
    repair process. Apply the repair panel on the
    back side and then do the front side repair. This
    process aids in the elimination of
    reinforcement tape and cure times.