Fibreglass Evercoat (FIB495)

Quantum1, Large Repairs, 1 Gallon
Mfg: Fibreglass Evercoat
Part No: 495
Item Number: FIB495
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MSRP: $121.92
Price: $72.99
  • Eliminates finishing putty from the repair process
  • Saves time and money by simplifying the repair process and using less sandpaper.
  • Easy sanding due to patent-pending 10:1 technology
  • Saves time by eliminating coarse grit sand scratches that need to be removed prior to applying primer.
  • Non-sag formula with improved vertical hold.
  • Saves time by achieving proper fill in less applications.
  • Catalyst available in two speeds! Fast for conditions below 80°F/27°C or Slow for conditions above 80°F/27°C
  • Eliminates need to adjust mix ratio “on the fly” as weather changes reducing the risk of repair defects due to inconsistent mix ratio.