Fibreglass Evercoat (FIB476)

Quantum1-Small Repair, Gallon
Mfg: Fibreglass Evercoat
Part No: 476
Item Number: FIB476
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $64.69
Price: $40.39
    Evercoat’s first single step body repair technology. Its self leveling formula is specially engineered to fill smaller, single panel repairs and eliminates the need for finishing putty. Quantum1 utilizes patent pending 10:1 technology that is the successful integration of polyester and epoxy chemistries. As a result, Quantum1 has less shrinkage, better sandability and better repair quality than traditional body fillers and putties. Quantum1 also passes 500 hours salt spray (ASTM B117) and is compatible with HAPS-compliant and waterborne coatings. Use with Quantum 10:1 BPO Catalyst (#455/457/458) only!