Ferret Instruments (FER40)

Charging System Analyzer
Charging System Analyzer
Mfg: Ferret Instruments
Part No: 40
Item Number: FER40
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $1,609.00
Price: $1,081.00
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Features and Benefits:

Test 6 and 12 volt battery, charging and starting systems with a tester that is built tough for the shop environment. Easily tests batteries up to 1200 CCA.

  • Large LCD displays for readability. Controls are easy to understand and use. Ten foot leads fit larger vehicles.
  • The high capacity inductive amp probe has two ranges to measure from 100 Milliamps up to 600 amps. A 1" x 3/4" opening fits around large battery cables and wire bundles. The amp probe is plug-in replaceable.
  • A Load Timer Lamp flashes once per second while load is on. Beeper sounds after 15 seconds of load.
  • Diode/Stator Lamp lights when amp probe senses ripple. Quickly shows bad alternators.
  • Carbon Pile Load Control knob sets current to a stable test amperage. One turn control and spring detent off position for easy operation. Fan cooled for heavy duty service.
  • Side handle cable exits make hookups easier and more secure. Heavy duty contacts and fine copper cable for long term service.
  • External Volts Leads allows voltage measurements anywhere around the engine. Ten megohm impedance protects vehicle circuits. Switch selects external lead clips or battery voltage.
  • 500 Amp Lead
  • Amps Ripple Indicator
  • Load On Timer
  • Fan cooled
  • Stand Included

  • Specifications:
    • Battery Volts: 4.0 to 19.99 V
    • External Volts: 0 to +/- 19.99 V
    • 10 Meg Impedance: Yes
    • Amps Range: Inductive, 0 to +/- 600
    • Load: Carbon Pile, 0 to 600 Amps
    • Amps Ripple: Yes
    • Display Type: 2 LCD's
    • Case Size: 10 x 16.5 x 9.5 in.
    • Weight: 45 Pounds