Equus (EPI3123)

GM Code Reader
Mfg: Equus
Part No: 3123
Item Number: EPI3123
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MSRP: $32.70
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Features and Benefits:

  • For most General Motors vehicles (domestic cars and trucks)
  • Safely accesses the on-board computer to read ECM and ABS codes
  • Save time and money by identifying engine problems yourself
  • Computer safe, no batteries required

The Code Reader is a device which connects to your vehicle's computer self-test connector. It allows the computer to output the service codes through the vehicle's instrument panel indicator lights. The Code Reader can be used to retrieve ECM/PCM - Engine/ Electronic Transmission codes and ABS - Anti-Lock Brake System Codes. For General Motors and Saturn vehicles from 1982 to 1995 (excluding Cadillac).