Electronic Specialties (ESI301M)

Fuse Buddy DMM Adapter  Mini Fuse
Fuse Socket Digital Multi Meter Adapter for Mini Fuse
Mfg: Electronic Specialties
Part No: 301M
Item Number: ESI301M
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $23.09
Price: $11.85

Features and Benefits:

  • Connects digital multimeter or hand held scope directly into circuit - time saving product
  • Great way to measure current at fuse box - with fuse buddy there is no need to push test probes into fuse socket
  • Uses existing fuse to maintain overload protection
  • Fits snug into fuse socket for more accurate current measurements

Circuit amperage testing made EASY! Taking current measurements directly from the fuse socket can be a difficult and clumsy connection. With the FUSE BUDDY digital multimeter adapter, a good electrical connection is made and the adapter fits snug and tight. In addition, the circuit remains protected by the existing fuse - no danger of overloading. Very convenient way to connect your digital multimeter or hand held scope.