Electronic Specialties (ESI1904)

Shielded Relay Adapter Set
Mfg: Electronic Specialties
Part No: 190-4
Item Number: ESI1904
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $74.75
Price: $37.36

Features and Benefits:

  • Expands the testing capability of your Relay Buddy!
  • 3 pack of adapters allows testing of shielded relays
  • Relay adapter plugs into Relay Buddy first
  • Shielded relay then plugs into the top of the adapter
  • Works with 190 Relay Buddy

From the very introduction of 190 Relay Buddy, we've had the request to add adapters.  Shielded adapters, due to their protective covering, can not plug directly into Relay Buddy.  These adapters allow testing of shielded relays.