Drill Doctor (DARWSSA0002008)

Replacement Belt Kit For Knife Sharpening System
Mfg: Drill Doctor
Part No: WSSA0002008
Item Number: DARWSSA0002008
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $24.95
Price: $14.67

Features and Benefits:

  • Comes with 1 120 Grit Belt, 2 120 Grit Belts, 2 3600 Grit Belts, and 1 ultra fine 12000 Grit Belt
  • Additional 12000 Grit Belt provides for razor sharp edges
  • Coarse Grit Belt can be used as miniature belt sander, while ultra fine grit belt can be used for polishing

Contains: (1) Coarse Grit Norton Norax X200 (200 micron equivelent to P120 ), (2) Medium Grit Norton Norax X65 (65 micron equivelent to P220), (2) Fine Grit Micro-Mesh 3600 (3600 micron honing belt), and (1) Ultra Fine Grit Micro-Mesh (12000 micron honing belt).