Drill Doctor (DD DA31320GF)

Standard Diamond Sharpening Wheel
Standard Diamond Sharpening Wheel
Mfg: Drill Doctor
Part No: DA31320GF
Item Number: DD DA31320GF
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $30.50
Price: $21.98
Features and Benefits:
  • Electroplate diamond – long life and holds up to hardened material such as carbide and cobalt
  • 180 grit wheel replaces Drill Doctor models 300, 500 and 750
  • Sharpens High-speed Steel, Carbide, TiN-coated and Masonry bits
  • Easy installation
Provides for an additional 300 to 400 sharpening to all Drill Doctor models.  The Diamond material is tough, long lasting and adds precision to the sharpening process.