Dent Fix (DFXDF1680T)

8mm Titanium Coated Spot Weld Drill Bit - German Made
8mm HSCO Titanium Spot Weld Drill Bit
Mfg: Dent Fix
Part No: DF1680T
Item Number: DFXDF1680T
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MSRP: $57.38
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Features and Benefits:
  • This is our most popular spot weld drill bit; 8.0mm or 5/16th is the most common size of spot welds that need to be removed
  • The Titanium coating on this bit will help prevent the bit from dulling due to overheating
  • The twist is the same size as the shank which is also 8.0mm and has a flat spot on it to be tightened into our DF-15 Series Spot Weld Drills
  • Specifically designed for the abuse of spot weld drilling
  • Flat ground for strength, centering nib to prevent walking
This Cobalt high-speed steel mix bit is 45mm long and works with all brands of spot-weld drills. Titanium (gold color) is a heat resistant coating that extends drill life by about 50%.