Dent Fix (DFXDF15DX)

Spot Weld Annihilator Deluxe Kit
Spot Annihilator Spot Weld Drill Kit
Mfg: Dent Fix
Part No: DF15DX
Item Number: DFXDF15DX
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $575.00
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Features and Benefits:

  • The kit version of the DF-15 gives you the option storing the Annihilator and your bits in a form-fitted hard plastic carrying case
  • The DF-15DX comes complete with the Spot Annihilator, one in-line oilier, one 10mm and two 8mm Titanium-coated drill bits. Purchased individually, these pieces would cost $110.00, but with the kit you pay only $50 more.
  • The original Spot weld drill! Often copied, never replicated. Dont be fooled by knockoffs. Our innovative design is so revolutionary its patented.
  • The ultimate spot weld drill lets you set the depth and it pneumatically applies the correct amount of pressure.
  • The drill speed and pressure have been calibrated so the tool cuts into the spot welds at the optimal condition, adding to the life of the drill bits.
  • Complete jobs 75% faster
  • Removes spot welds in seconds
  • C-Clamp rotates and is easily removed to allow access to all areas
  • Dent Fix Equipment offers a complete one year warranty on this tool
  • Includes: blow molded case
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