Dent Fix (DFXDF115)

Spot Annihilator Spot Weld Drill - U HSS, BORON and AHSS Capable
Mfg: Dent Fix
Part No: DF-115
Item Number: DFXDF115
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  • The Only High-torque Drill With Low Speed For Ultra High Strengh Steels. The “Original Spitznagel” Spot Weld Drill that applies the cutting pressure pneumatically. You do not have to push on the drill bit. Our patented valved cylinder applies gentle pressure toward the panel. When the drill bit starts to turn even more pressure is applied. This “Smart” pressure valve helps prevent breakage of bits and applies correct consistent pressure from the first to the last spot weld, ensuring the long life of your bits by preventing breakage. The 1000-rpm motor makes sure you do not burn up bits prematurely and is perfect for Higher Strength (HSS) and Boron Steels (UHSS). The DF-1690 specialized Tungsten Carbide drill bit is needed to drill through Boron steels. The ultimate spot weld drill lets you set the depth.
  • Speed: 1800 rpm
  • Drill Diameter: 8 mm
  • Air Intake: 1/4"
  • Working Pressure: 6.2 bar
  • Vibration Level: .27 m/sec
  • Air Consumption: 230 liters/min
  • Weight :2.3 kg