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Cut Out The Middleman's Profits

Our top of the line Atlas® EDGE 601 machine sells for about $13,000. The BIG NAME competition's top of the line alignment machines sell for over $25,000. What value do you receive when you pay two times the money for a Big RED alignment machine?

We believe that a customer receives almost no extra value when they spend twice the money for their alignment machine.

It appears that your extra money spent on a Big Red alignment machine goes directly to the middleman. The middleman is a combination of an independent factory sales representative and an independent factory service representative. Both of these middlemen make a profit. A HUGE PROFIT!

What do they do to earn their money? The factory sales representative may visit your store and he may even have a demo machine to demonstrate how the Big Red alignment machine works.

If you buy the expensive alignment machine, the independent factory service representative will "set-up" your alignment machine and give you some instructions.

If you buy an Atlas® Edge alignment machine, the machine requires almost no set-up. (watch the videos) The machine is very simple to use and works "out of the box". There is no need for a demo or a factory service representative to set up the equipment. The Edge alignment machine is just as accurate and is probably "faster" than the much more expensive Big Red machine. We believe that the Edge is much easier to use and is much more "user-friendly" than any other alignment machine (no matter what the cost) on the market today.

In the unlikely event that you need technical support, we offer a toll free number with professional technicians available to help you. We stock all the parts to repair any of the Edge alignment machines. The quality and durability of the Edge alignment component parts is on par with those alignment machines costing thousands of dollars more.

There is no need to pay a high priced independent factory representative for installation or service. The Edge alignment machine can be calibrated and serviced by the owner. These features reduces potential down time and almost eliminates any out of pocket expenses for the shop owner.

If you can "fix" a car...you can "fix" your alignment machine.

A low initial investment combined with ease of use and the fact that you (the owner) can calibrate or repair your own machine make the Atlas® Edge alignment machine the perfect choice for any service department.

Factory specification updates are available two times a year and can be easily installed by the owner.
NO need to pay the Big Red service representative for a service call.