Cliplight (CLP96425KIT)

Master UV Kit with 450 Blue LED Inspection Light
UV Master Leak Detection Kit (450DC / 25 App)
Mfg: Cliplight
Part No: 96425KIT
Item Number: CLP96425KIT
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $283.90
Price: $249.99
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Features and Benefits:

  • Clean and easy to use dye injection system
  • Supports all A/C refridgerent types, R12, R134A, R22
  • Drip Guards to maintain clean and uncontaminated work/inspection area
  • Swivel hose for R134A tight space connectors
  • Includes enough dye for 25 applications
Comes with 450DC Blue LED light, 25 application Revolver Injection System, 134a Swival hose, R12 adapter, dye cleaner and drip guards. All in one kit - everything you need for UV Leak Detection (AC) Cost per application - cheaper than the competition. Revolver Injection System - unique injection system.