Cliplight (CLP933000)

Concertina Dye Injector
Concertina A/C Dye Injector
Mfg: Cliplight
Part No: 933000
Item Number: CLP933000
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MSRP: $38.99
Price: $31.65

Features and Benefits:

  • Precisely injects measured amounts of A/C Dye
  • Each pre-filled capsule incorporates a non-return valve, so there is no mess when you connect it via the charge hose to the system
  • As pressure is applied with the injector tool, the capsule "concertinas", forcing liquid into the A/C
  • Once empty, the capsule remains neatly collapsed, for compact, environmentally friendly (disposal)
  • It has no piston, so there is no opening at the rear

The Cliplight Concertina is a completely new cartridge in the form of a bellows.