Cliplight (CLP909006B)

Multipurpose Dye -1 oz.
Multipurpose Dye -1 oz.
Mfg: Cliplight
Part No: 909006B
Item Number: CLP909006B
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Features and Benefits:

  • To be used for engine, transmission, hydraulic, power steering and fuel system leaks
  • 1 oz. - 30ml
  • For use with UV or flourecent dye lights
  • Safe for vehicle fuels and oils
  • If you already own an A/C flourecent dye light, add this dye to your kit
This multipurpose dye helps find leaks in engine oil, transmission, hydraulic, power steering, gasoline and diesel fuel systems. Add to the leaking systems and used with a UV or flourecent dye compatible light source to pinpoint the leak source quickly and easilty.