Cliplight (CLP162AIR)

A/C Cooling Coil Coating
Mfg: Cliplight
Part No: 162AIR
Item Number: CLP162AIR
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MSRP: $74.84
Price: $50.08
Features and Benefits
  • Combination of powerful microbiocide with durable acrylic coating
  • Eliminates A/C odor for up to three years
  • Acrylic coating helps shed water
  • Contains no cover up fragrances
  • Acrylic coating helps shed condensation
Cooling Coil Coating removes odor-causing microbes and moisture from vehicle air conditioner systems. Coating is sprayed into system between the blower motor and evaporator. Then a fine mist coats all surfaces and cleaner air comes out of your A/C vents.