Cliplight (CLP161AIRKIT)

Clean Evap and Cooling Coil Coating Combo
Mfg: Cliplight
Part No: 161AIRKIT
Item Number: CLP161AIRKIT
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Features and Benefits
  • Combines Clean Evap and A/C Odor Shield into convenient kit, to clean the evaporator and eliminate the odors from the A/C system
  • Kit comprises of two 8oz bottles of CleanEvap, two 4oz bottles of A/C Odor Shield, and one applicator
  • Convenient combination of CleanEvap and Odor Shield for 2 vehicles
  • Provides protection against bad odors for up to one year
  • Dispensible parts for kit readily available

With this kit, you can clean the evaporator and eliminate the odors from the mobile A/C system. Clean Evap is a heavy duty, fast acting evaporator cleaner that remvoes dirt and organic proteins.  it is bio-degradable, non toxic and safe for use on automotive materials. 

Cooling Coil Coating combines a powerful anti-microbial with a long-lasting acrylic coating.  Coated surfaces resist re-growth of odor causing microorganisms.  Coating also effectively reduces odor for long term and helps shed moisture.