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2013 Chilton Labor Guide Manual Set
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Features and Benefits:

  • The most trusted labor guide on the market
  • Nearly 4,000 pages of updated Chilton labor times split into two volumes
  • Chilton labor times refined for normal and severe service maintenance schedules, if applicable
  • Search using two-indexes - labor operations and systems - in each model group
  • Easy-to-find manufacturers are arranged alphabetically within each volume

Hundreds of new models and labor operations in the 2013 edition help you stay current with the latest technologies. In addition, Chilton's editors have split up larger model groups into smaller ones so that you can find vehicles quicker. The 2013 edition provides repair times for 23 years of imported and domestic vehicles. Chilton's editors consider warranty times, component locations, component type, the environment in which technicians' work, the training they receive, and the tools they use when calculating a labor time. To allow for vehicle age, operating conditions, and type of service, the Chilton 2013 Labor Guide provides standard and severe service times, plus OEM warranty times. Vehicle makes and models conform to current Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) standards.