Chiltons Book (CHI142204)

Chilton Chrysler 2008 Service Manual
Chilton Chrysler 2008 Service Manual
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Features and Benefits
  • Two-volume manual set
  • Organized by vehicle manufacturer
  • Access new year, make, and model information without repeating previous edition's content
  • Comprehensive, technically detailed content including exploded view illustrations, diagnostics and specification charts
  • Arranged alphabetically by model group for quick, easy access
Chilton 2008 Chrysler Service Manuals expertly provide the most currently available information to assist you in your daily activities. These new, reliable and comprehensive manuals provide essential information, allowing you to accurately and efficiently diagnose and repair. Step-by-step procedures and helpful illustrations provide easy references for your jobs. These new service manuals cover 2006 and 2007 domestic models, plus any available 2008 domestic models.