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5 HP 80 Gal Vertical 230/3/60 STR ATD LOLS V.I.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Magnetic motor starter for thermal overload protection 
  • Automatic tank drain automatically discharges excess moisture from the receiver 
  • Air cooled aftercooler effectively reduces up to 65% of the moisture from discharged compressed air 
  • Vibration isolator pads isolates the compressor unit from the foundation or floor, reduces noise and protects the unit from vibration damage 
  • Low oil level monitor shuts down the unit when oil levels are below adequate level

This compressor features a heavy duty two stage, splash lubricated air compressor pump, reliable high flow disc valves, ASME code vertical air receiver with pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, drain valve and service valve, UL listed electronic components. Unit delivers up to 16.5 cfm at 175 PSI. 5 year warranty on compressor pump only.

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