Central Tools / Central Lighting (CEN6470)

Universal Pinion Depth Setting Gage
Universal Pinion Depth Setting Gage
Mfg: Central Tools / Central Lighting
Part No: 6470
Item Number: CEN6470
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $943.96
Price: $606.13
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Features and Benefits:
  • Indicator and three precision setting masters
  • Range: 0-3"
  • Graduations: .001"
  • Reading: 0-100
  • Indicator Number:  4343
This works on all cars and light duty trucks.  Allows quick and accurate pinion depth set up for all after-market rear ends.  Also works on OEM gear sets with pre-measurements of pinion depth.  Incorporates a swing arm assembly and indicator holder.  It's furnished in a fitted case.