Central Tools / Central Lighting (CEN6051)

2-3in. .001in. Grad I Beam Frame Micrometer
2-3in. .001in. Grad I Beam Frame Micrometer
Mfg: Central Tools / Central Lighting
Part No: 6051
Item Number: CEN6051
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Features and Benefits:

  • Precision measurements to the thousandth and ten-thousandth of an inch require a quality micrometer. Central Tools manufactures many types of micrometers in inch and metric to meet all your measuring needs.
  • Extra Hard Measuring Surfaces - Anvil and one-piece spindle are made of finest quality tool steel. Careful lapping on our own special machinery assures that faces are square and parallel.
  • Simplified Zero Adjustment - Lets you reset your Central micrometer simply with the hex key provided.
  • Friction Stop - Provides uniform pressure under all measuring conditions.
  • I-Beam Frame - Designed to maintain dimensional stability.
  • Powder-coated.
  • Easy Reading Graduations - Machine spaced. All thousandths graduations are numbered so you can read directly without counting.
  • Carbide Faces - On models with .0001 " graduations.
  • Spindle Lock - Holds spindle securely for transferring measurements.
  • Meets Federal Specs - GGG-C-105C on models with .0001" graduations.
  • Standards Included - On all micrometers above 1" or 25mm.
  • Range: 2-3"
  • Graduation: .001"