Central Tools / Central Lighting (CEN12010)

Bounce Lite - 13Watt Fluorescent Work Light 40 Ft. Reel
Fluorescent Work Bounce Lite - 13 Watt , 40Ft. Reel
Mfg: Central Tools / Central Lighting
Part No: 12010
Item Number: CEN12010
In stock: Yes
MSRP: $213.43
Price: $105.62
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Features and Benefits:

If you drop it no worries with this light, it will bounce right back.?? There's no glass to pick up or bulb to replace.

  • Bounces instead of breaking.
  • Fully enclosed safety switch.
  • Engineered to improve cold weather starts.
  • Patented bounce bulb for superior impact protection.
  • Superior cord life, 40ft. reel??.
  • 13 watt bulb.
  • Made in the USA.